Vice Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals for the City of Buffalo.

I am now officially the Vice Chair of the City of Buffalo Zoning Board of Appeals. (First female, I think!) I would like to celebrate this new position with this quote…“Every increment of construction must be done in a way as to heal the City." - Christopher Alexander.

You may think zoning is boring but let me be clear - zoning is the DNA of your city. If you had crappy anti urban development in the city, it is likely that you have a garbage zoning code. Cities across the country had bad zoning codes that allow all kinds of stuff that strips away the necessary urban fabric of our cities. Here in Buffalo, we are lucky to have a strong comprehensive plan and brand new zoning code that celebrates our walkable urban fabric and is easy to understand.

If you want to know more about the Buffalo Zoning Code, check out

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