Incremental Development (AKA - pint sized developer doing pint sized development)

The hardest buildings to bring back to life are often the smallest ones. Want to inspire your town / city / group to take action and save some historic buildings? Interested in learning the many ways to help increase neighborhood vitality? Wanna learn how to run a real estate development business?  Well, there is nothing like a little pint sized lady talking about successes and failures in small scale development and showing the crowd it can be done. 


Preservation is Progress | Heart Bombs

Preservation is the key tool to revitalizing our main streets. We're dreamers and doers... activists and developers. We've found success in saving buildings many times and want to share it with others so they can do it, too. The "Preservation is Progress" shows all the facts, what can be done with a lot of perserverance and... we can bust out the construction paper and glue to create some heart bombs to help others in your world take immediate action.


“My number one thing is to cannonball right in,” she said. “Don’t just dip your toe in the water. If you really want to buy a building, just buy it. All those buildings need stewards.”

— Bernice Radle

Sun Journal - Lewiston, Maine